The Closed Bridging Specialists

 Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes providing the solicitor is happy with the nature of the transaction.

A. Yes. It is superb for this purpose, where a property is not lettable.

A. Not if the figures in the deal work.

A. It is complicated but your mortgage broker will do most of the work for you.      You just have to make sure that the property is a good deal.

A. Yes but we strongly recommend using one of our panel solicitors as they      understand the process – and we want your deal to complete smoothly.

A. There is no limit, just make sure that the deals work and the values stand up      against REAL MARKET VALUE.

Your questions answered

Q. Is Closed Bridging legal?

Q. Will this work for distressed properties?

Q. Is it expensive?

Q. How much work is involved for me,
     and is it complicated?

Q. Can I use my own solicitor?

Q. How many Bridges can I do?

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